My name is Danni, I was born and raised in China, briefly lived in Japan before moving to the United States. I came to the US to study in college, got my master’s degree in Engineering and now working as a programmer. I call both Changchun, China and NYC home.

I live with my boyfriend in Brooklyn, and neither of us has any interest in procreating. We share many hobbies: both of us love swing kettle bells, going to movies, eating Indian food (and Chinese food, Mexican food, of course), sampling classes on ClassPass, going on road trips and learning each other’s native languages. In fact, my boyfriend is taking Chinese at Confucius Institute and I’m taking Spanish at Instituto Cervantes. If you happen to see a Chinese/Mexican couple on the train that are practicing reading announcements in Chinese and Spanish, that’s probably us 😛

I got Essure Permanent Sterilization at the end of 2014, my boyfriend, my family and my best friend have been really supportive of my decision. It felt great to have the closest people in my life on my side.

This blog is about my happy and childfree – or childless life. People’s reasons for not reproducing are as varied as ever, including the personal, political, financial, environmental reasons. Mine is simple: I don’t see myself being a good mother and I just don’t like kids – I have too many hobbies and I’d much rather spend time with my boyfriend, family and doing things I absolutely love – instead of childbearing.

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